***ATTENTION FRESHERS/NEW MEMBERS: we welcome any member of the university who is interested in cue sports! If you would like to join us, please email oupsc@hotmail.co.uk to find out more, and join our mailling list to keep up to date with our activities.

HT Update - Cuppers Sign ups

Sign-ups for Cuppers are now open! We currently still plan to hold Cuppers events as usual in Hilary, obviously this is dependent on the Covid regulations at the time, however we would like to open entries regardless in order to assess the levels of interest. The deadline for entries is Friday 21st January for both the team Cuppers and the various individual/doubles Cuppers tournaments. Details on the different competitions and how to enter are below. The competitions run throughout Hilary and for the first three weeks of Trinity.

Team Cuppers

Entries for the inter-college Cuppers competition are now open. Each team consists of 6 players and the competition consists of a group stage followed by a knockout stage, meaning every team will play at least four matches (more details on the exact format to follow in Hilary).

The entry fee is £10 per team, which we will request at a later date once we are sure that the tournament will be able to go ahead as planned.

Please reply to this email in order to enter a team for your college by Friday 21st January (note multiple teams from the same college can enter).

Individual / Doubles Cuppers

These competitions are open to everyone and free to enter, feel free to sign-up people who are not on the mailing list. All sign-ups will be added as we will use this mailing list for communications as the tournaments take place. You are also welcome to sign up to as many competitions as you want! The competitions available are:

  • Pool singles

  • Pool doubles

  • Mixed doubles

  • 2-Man (teams of two compete in best of five matches consisting of four singles frames and one doubles frames - players of any gender are eligible despite the name!)

  • Snooker

  • 9-ball singles

  • 9-ball scotch doubles

Sign up using the following spreadsheet before Friday 21st January:


OUPSC is the home of everything cue sports related within the University of Oxford. The Club organises inter-college competitions for Oxford students of any ability, including a College Pool League in Michaelmas term and Cuppers in Hilary and Trinity terms.

We also have a University Pool Team, and a University Snooker Team, both of which compete in local leagues, national competitions, and of course the Varsity match.

To find out more about how to participate in the inter-college competitions, or to be considered for a place in one of the University teams, please feel free to contact OUPSC using the Contact Us link above!

We have a mailing list, oupsc@maillist.ox.ac.uk, to give brief updates about both college and university pool and snooker, as well as announcing our training sessions. Subscribe by going to web.maillist.ox.ac.uk (you will need SSO to login to this website).

The 2015 winning Snooker Varsity Team

Sponsorship Opportunity

OUPSC participates each year in the BUCS Snooker Championships and the BUCS-UPC Pool Championships, in addition to competing in the Varsity match. We also play each week in local pool and snooker leagues at venues across Oxford. We are looking for sponsors for 2021/22 and are offering placement of Corporate Logos on our team shirts and on this website (for example in the space below). We can provide exposure to hundreds of pool and snooker enthusiasts both within Oxford and across other universities. Please Contact Us to enquire.