Varsity Pool & Snooker Matches

The Varsity Pool match is contested annually between Oxford and Cambridge in Trinity term. No records show when the first Varsity Pool match took place, but apparently the men's title has been contested since the 1970s. The original trophy with records of the earliest matches was mislaid by Cambridge in the period 1997-1998 after they won the title in 1997 for the first time in ten years. Oxford reclaimed the title the following year in 1998, continuing to win it every year until 2006 when Cambridge travelled to Oxford and recorded a 50-40 victory. Cambridge successfully defended the title in the following three years, including a 45-45 tied match in 2009. Oxford regained the Varsity Pool title in 2010 with a 49-41 victory.

A Varsity Women's Pool match is also an annual affair, with records dating back until 1991. The Oxford University Women's Pool Team typically dominate and have only lost one Varsity match since 1998.

An inaugural Varsity Snooker match took place at the Cambridge Snooker Centre in May 2003, which Oxford won with a close score-line of 17-15. Despite plans to make the event an annual occurrence, the match wasn't recreated for another 12 years, until 2015, when Oxford the home team beat their Cambridge counterparts convincingly 27-5.

A report for the 2017 Varsity matches can be found at the bottom of this page.

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If you can help track down the original Varsity Pool trophy, or provide an insight into the history of the Club, please get in touch with a member of the Committee (see the Committee page).

One of our alumni, Ian Hill, was able to provide a photo of the medal he received from the 1985 Varsity match.

Photo courtesy of Ian Hill.

Varsity 2017 Report by Wesley Rawlings (President 2016/17)

OUPSC Pool Varsity Team 2017

Sam Hale (c)

Adam Smith

Alex Wood

Brian Shi

Gwyndaf Oliver

Joseph Lloyd

Matt Kennedy

Peter Hill

Pierre Joffrin

Scott England

Wesley Rawlings

Xuchen Yang

OUPSC Snooker Varsity Team 2017

Adam Smith

Arthur Wellesley

Gwyndaf Oliver

Matt Kennedy

Michael Platt

Scott England

Wesley Rawlings

Will Meng

Tucked away on an unassuming little industrial estate next to a railway line is the Cambridge Snooker Centre. Unbeknownst to the world outside, this Cantab Crucible has recently played host to the closest Pool and Snooker varsity matches in history, both of which were decided on the very last frame. Could the Oxford University Pool and Snooker Club retain the double varsity after two crushing victories last year? Cambridge were back out in force and looking for revenge after a thorough shoeing in 2016, and they made the fight as hard as they could for the dark blues.

The events were played across the 13th and 14th of May; first came Pool Varsity. The first round of singles was a dead heat, with both sides scoring 18 frames. Honourable mentions go to Adam Smith and Sam Hale for dispatching their opponents 3-0. A tense doubles round followed in which the dark Blues stole a narrow 2 frame lead over Cambridge, with further strong performances from Adam Smith and Peter Hill who took their doubles frames 3-0. Moving into the second and final round of singles it seemed there was all to play for, but the light Blues fought back to ultimately take 4 frames back and scrape the overall win. The final score was 46-44.

Sunday saw the snooker team move in to look for revenge for their fallen brethren. The format this time was far simpler; 8 players, with each playing one frame against each of the opposition. Cambridge took an early lead over the first set of frames but Oxford fought back, determined to clinch a win after the previous day’s defeat. After a hard-fought battle lasting long into the evening, the final frames were played out with Oxford taking a few last-minute wins to clinch the Varsity Snooker title 33-31. Again honourable mentions go to Adam Smith and Will Meng, both of whom came away with an excellent 6 victories from 8 frames, as well as Scott England and Michael Platt who followed closely with 5 wins from 8 frames and all other players contributing frames to the winning scoreline.

After a truly stellar effort from everyone involved, it is only left to say well done to Cambridge on stealing away half of our double Varsity title; know that next year we’ll be back and hot on your heels ready to take it away again! And congratulations to all the members of OUPSC that came along and played in both tournaments. This has been an excellent year for the club and a competitive Varsity match was a perfect way (ignoring the loss) of rounding out the season, following wins in the local Snooker leagues and strong showings in all other tournaments.

Top performers: Pool: Adam, Sam, Matt - 7/9, Snooker: Adam, Will - 6/8

Pool Varsity Team 2017 (Pierre Joffrin missing)