Pool & Snooker Cuppers

In Hiliary and Trinity terms OUPSC runs Pool and Snooker Cuppers. These are individual and team knock-out tournaments, with the latter stages played on Finals Night in Trinity term. Cuppers includes:

Groupings, fixtures and results can be found using the links above. Cuppers is played according to Cuppers Rules, Blackball Pool Rules, and

WSA Official Rules of Snooker.

  • Cuppers entry for 2015 is closed.

  • Preferably, please use the sign-up sheets near your college pool table to enter the various competitions, or alternatively submit entries using the Contact Us page. Contact your College Pool Captain or OUPSC/OUWPT for more information.

  • The entrance fee for Team Cuppers is £12 per team for any college that hasn't entered the college league in Michelmas term.

  • All other Cuppers competitions are free to enter! for OUPSC members. OUPSC membership is automatic for players who have played for a College Pool team in the College Pool League in the current year, and for players entering Team Cuppers. Otherwise the annual subscription of £3 must be paid to the Treasurer before participation in Cuppers. Note that membership entitles a player to participate in trials for the University teams and other OUPSC-organised events.