The Ladders

The Pool Ladder and Snooker Ladder are resumed in Michaelmas Term 2020 as a replacement for competitions when the College Pool League, Pool Local League and Snooker Local League had to be held up under the pandemic. On the Ladders, players will play for their own ranking (level) instead of for their College. All Ladder matches are 1v1. A challenge can be initiated by anyone on the Ladder to any player on the level directly above. If the challenge is successful then the two players will swap places directly on the ladder.

Players must email full details of the challege date/venue agreement to before any fixtures can be approved. To keep all players and the public safe, certain COVID-secure measures need to be taken properly and seriously throughout the Ladder fixtures, which are included in a consent letter that every player must sign before each match. An OUPSC officer may randomly pop in for inspection at any point of the match for reinforcement, as we priortise public health and make all efforts to reduce the spread of the virus.

For more details and current Ladder rankings, please visit the Pool Ladder and Snooker Ladder.